Saving Money

Saving energy and money can be easy by utilising smart water heating technologies. Citi Plumbing frequently does research and provides advice for Water savings and energy savings techniques.

Electrical geysers consumption usually makes up 60% of the electricity bill for a standard household of 4 people.  The average person uses about 50L of hot water per day.

This saving can be from R 5000 –  R 20, 000 per annum depending on the hot water needs of the household.

Alternative Water Heating Systems

Heat water most of the year without the use of an electrical backup.   SWH’s circulate water between the geyser and a water collector panel. This form of water heating is economically viable for heating water of 100L – 300L of hot water. There are two main types of systems, Retrofit Systems and Complete Thermosiphon systems.

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