What Causes a Burst Pipe?

There are many factors that may contribute to a burst pipe water pipe. The most common causes for pipes are corrosion of copper pipes due to pipes being embedded in cement. Depending on the quality of the copper pipe this corrosion can happen between a period of 2 – 10 years resulting in numerous tiny holes along the pipe embedded in the wall.

What are water supply pipes made of?

Present day water pipes are made from Composite per pipe, copper, plastic or cast iron.  Each material has different life expectancies and characteristics. These pipes can come in a range of different sizes and it is recommended that only qualified artisans work on these pipes to ensure water tight seals. As this work can become complex with the numerous types of materials.

Burst pipes and leaking bath components are some of the most common problems our artisan encounter on a daily basis. These leaks can occur in buildings foundations. Burst pipes are usually covered by insurance companies in South Africa, as the loss can have a big financial loss. Citi Plumbing can assist with 24-hour service and can assist with locating a leak, repairing a leak, and repairing the resulting damages to walls or tiles.

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