Measure & Monitor Water Consumption Daily with the Home Assist IoT  Smart meter systems.

Systems can be used by large blocks of flats or single dwelling homes.

Display consumption your phone or compuer via the internet.

Allow your property managers the summary view they need to spot major & minor leaks or potentially high water bills.

Reduce water losses with active leak alerts.

Need to collect money from  your tenants for water bills?

The cost of water flowing through the prepaid meters is recovered through tokens sold, and is repaid to the owner by Monthly via EFT.

Help Desk on standby every day including weekends from 7am-10pm to resolve any prepaid metering issues.

Where can tokens be bought ?

Retailers – Spar, Shoprite, Pick N Pay, Checkers, Boxer & Pep

Convenient Stores – Top it up, One cell & Kazang

Online – Capitec & FNB

Unipin System – ABSA , Nedbank  & Spar