Also know as thermosiphon systems, where cold water is pushed through the system with pressure from municipal mains and regulated to 400KPPA.  This system is most efficient and can produce hot water very effectively as pipe work is limited and there is no need for an electronic circulating pump. These systems are installed according to SANS ( South African National Standards )

This system commonly come in sizes of  100L, 150L &  200L. This High-pressure system is ideal for household usage.

This system is supplied with a new hot water cylinder, collector panel, safety hot water mixing valve, pressure control valve, piping insulation, backup electrical element, maintenance valves and a solar controller or timer.

All products supplied in this system are SABS approved and installation compliance is audited by PIRB if a Certificate if compliance is requested and issued.

Average Manufacturer Warranties

Geyser Cylinder  5 Years

Collector Panels 5 years

Circulation Pump  1 Year

Valves & Fittings 1 Years

Workmanship 3 Months